Perrysburg Yellow JacketsC
Northern Lakes LeagueB
2005-06 Basketball A
2006 Football
2006 NLL Champions
2007 Baseball
Perrysburg Yellow Jackets
2007 Baseball

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2007 Softball

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Perrysburg Soccer
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Perrysburg Band

Fight Song

Go Yellow Jackets!
Fight for victory
With Your Colors Flying
We Will Cheer You All The Way
(Rah, Rah, Rah)
Go Yellow Jackets
Fight For Victory
Fight For The Fame
Of Our Fair Name
Oh, Yellow Jackets Win This Game

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Alma Mater

Lyrics coming soon.

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Maumee Chant

Maul Maumee, Maul Maumee

Maul Maumee, Maul Mamee

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